Analyzing Policies in Financing Issues in Sharia Banking in Indonesia in 2022


  • Ameylia Cavielda EMK State University of Malang, Indonesia
  • Sugeng Hadi Utomo State University of Malang, Indonesia
  • Imam Mukhlis State University of Malang, Indonesia
  • Agung Nugroho State University of Malang, Indonesia



bank, sharia, financing


Purpose Problems that occur in financing in the world of sharia banking often become obstacles for banks. In this case, the bank certainly has a policy that will be used to overcome this problem. One example of a problem that often occurs in financing is customers' bad credit. Bad credit can be caused by internal or external parties who cannot comply with the regulations agreed upon when the financing agreement took place. This can have a negative impact, namely a decrease in bank credibility which can create a sense of distrust from customers. This can cause a decrease in the number of customers and the amount of funds entering the bank.

Method In compiling research for this topic, the method chosen by the author is the qualitative exploration method. The form of the method chosen is to use a literature review journal through several journals that are relevant to the topic that will be discussed in this article. The data obtained is in the form of analysis of previous research via Google Scholar using relevant articles. The literature used involves analytical investigations and synthesis of information from literature sources that are relevant to the research topic, such as books, journal articles, research reports and other sources that can provide an in-depth understanding of the considerations regarding problems that occur in Islamic bank financingin Indonesia.

Result the results of this research show the policies implemented by Indonesian sharia banks in overcoming problems that occur in financing and analyzing credit level data from year to year. Based on this research, the author provides an explanation of the policies taken by banks, the sectors that cause financing, as well as data on the level of financing that occurs each year.

Novelty This research has never been carried out before because of the novelty of the data analysis methods and techniques used, making it possible for the results of this research to provide an overview of the policies taken by banks in overcoming financing problems and implementing these policies.