The Influence of Religious Qualities and Awareness of Subjective Norms of Maduranian Muslim Entrepreneurs on the Interest in Using Sharia Bank with Obedience to Kyai as a Moderation Variable


  • Nur Aniniyah Trunojoyo University Madura, Indonesia
  • Nasrulloh Nasrulloh Trunojoyo University Madura, Indonesia



Interest in Using, Religious Quality, Subjective Norms, Role of Kyai, Sharia Banking


Purpose — The aim of this research is to examine the potential correlation between religiosity and subjective norms in relation to the level of interest in using Sharia Banking, as well as the influence of the moderating variable obedience to kyai.

Method — Associative research uses a quantitative approach method, the specifications of which are systematic, planned and clearly structured from the start and are used to research certain populations and samples with the aim of testing predetermined hypotheses.

Result — The data analysis approach used includes descriptive statistical analysis and Moderated Regression Analysis (MRA). It is hoped that this research can provide a valuable contribution to the decision-making process in certain institutions and communities.

Novelty — Research findings show that each aspect of creative thinking uses a different approach to problem solving. In particular, respondents demonstrated superior problem-solving abilities compared to other aspects of creative thinking.