Vitour: Digital Technology-based Tourism Village Development towards Sustainable Green Economy


  • Azmil Ihsan Nursidik State University of Malang, Indonesia
  • Sugeng Hadi Utomo State University of Malang, Indonesia
  • Imam Mukhlis State University of Malang, Indonesia
  • Agung Nugroho State University of Malang, Indonesia



Tourism Village, Digital Technology, Sustainable Green Economy


Purpose — This article aims to highlight the important role of digital technology in facilitating tourism information, online marketing, natural resource management, and sustainable economic growth in tourism villages. As well as identifying the challenges and opportunities that arise in the process of developing sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism villages.

Method — Method used in this research is qualitative with descriptive writing and literature review approach. The data obtained comes from journals that are relevant to the topic discussed. Through the literature review approach, analysis has been carried out on the sources obtained. So that it can provide a broad understanding of the development of technology-based tourism villages. That is the background of this research, and created an application concept in solving the above problems.

Result — Tourism is one of the models in development strategies that are increasingly widespread and widely used. The concept of community-centered tourism and creative economy is a trend that is believed to improve the welfare of the community while preserving the environment. However, limited access to information and digital resources is a problem that needs to be faced in managing tourism villages in a sustainable way. In the current era, it is necessary to explore the transformation of digital technology in tourism villages in the midst of village development that makes the economy a potential village that can be promoted through tourism.

Novelty —This research has never been done before because of the novelty of the methods and data analysis techniques used, allowing the results of this study to provide an overview of how the development of tourist villages based on digital technology towards a sustainable green economy. So that is what underlies us to create an innovative application in the tourism sector with the aim of being a means of developing a tourist village towards a sustainable green economy.